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Cheese… Or Not

Not so funny when it's all you can get.

Not so funny when it's all you can get.

My husband and I are cheese lovers. At our home in France or Holland, we always kept a selection of cheeses in our refrigerator, hard and soft, pungent and mild, to dip into as a snack or savour as an after dinner treat. Sadly, Africa doesn’t like cheese much, and frankly cheese doesn’t like Africa much either.

Firstly, there is the climate issue – in the hot and humid climate, it’s hard to keep cheese fresh, less actually produce it here. Secondly, cheese isn’t at all part of the traditional diet in Africa. In fact, many African people are lactose intolerant, and can’t eat cheese at all.

So, one is left with a pretty sorry cheese “selection” – Laughing Cow, Kiri, Milkana, Baby Bell in wax, individually wrapped Kraft slices, and other mass-produced, highly treated, heat-resistant “cheeses” (using the word liberally). Of course, it is possible to buy nicer cheeses imported from Europe, but they cost an arm and a leg.

Looks like the cow gets the last laugh…


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I first left the US in 1999, when I was 18 years old. Since then, I’ve spent 13 years living abroad - 3 in Canada, 7 in Europe, and 3 in Africa. Now I've finally returned to the US on a one-way plane ticket. I arrived home in late January 2014 and set foot in the US for the first time in nearly 2.5 years. In Home Strange Home, I blog about the ups and downs of my re-acculturation experience.

2 responses to “Cheese… Or Not

  1. Ed Avis ⋅

    Can you get yogurt? Or yogurty-cheesy-sour-milk-liquid?

    • Liberiana ⋅

      Yes, there is plenty of yogurt (of the same variety that is eaten in the UK). I don’t know what the other thing you are talking about is.

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