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Those are some funny looking birds.

Those are some funny looking birds.

During my early days in Monrovia, at the beginning of the dry season, I often walked home from work.  One evening, on my homeward stroll, I looked up to admire the dusk sky, and noted a dense flock of birds flying past.

This happened a few times, before I realized that they weren’t birds at all, but bats.  There is one tree in particular on Benson Street, near the new US Embassy, where they love to flock en masse, and it was only when I walked past it one evening that I realized that hundreds of bats were emanating from it and dispersing themselves all over the city.

Bats are nocturnal, so during the day they just hang out, sleep, and groom themselves. At twilight, they are particularly active, which is when you often see them flying across the city. At night they hunt for insects, catching them while they fly (they are “aerial insectivores”). If you dislike bugs (including mosquitoes), then like bats. Because bats eat one-third of their body weight in insects each night.


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I first left the US in 1999, when I was 18 years old. Since then, I’ve spent 13 years living abroad - 3 in Canada, 7 in Europe, and 3 in Africa. Now I've finally returned to the US on a one-way plane ticket. I arrived home in late January 2014 and set foot in the US for the first time in nearly 2.5 years. In Home Strange Home, I blog about the ups and downs of my re-acculturation experience.

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