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Club Beer



I’ve never been much of a beer drinker. Given the choice, I prefer wine or, better yet, neat whiskey. Sadly, I don’t get a very good pick of either in Monrovia. But as for beer, well, there is plenty of that. At least certain types – Heineken, Corona, Guinness, and the ubiquitous home-grown staple, Club Beer.

A bit like how Coca Cola seems to reach every unelectrified remote rural village in Africa, you can always count on finding a Club Beer in Liberia, even when nothing else is available for purchase. It’s brewed locally by Monrovia Breweries on Bushrod Island (just north of the city), so it’s cheaper than any of the imported beers. It’s almost always sold in small or large bottles; I’ve only ever seen it for sale on tap in one place (Marlin’s Corner).

Like I said, I’m no beer drinker, but apparently Club Beer is a “pale lager” that gives you a “bitch of a hangover.” Check out their video ad on YouTube. Club Beer: just for you!


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