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Going to the Dogs

Here little puppy...

Here little puppy...

Dogs are a man’s best friend, right?  Well, not so much here in Liberia… I’ve always been more of a cat person than a dog person, but I think even a die-hard dog lover would have trouble sustaining their canine camaraderie around these parts.

Understandably for a developing country in which many people face difficulties feeding themselves, keeping pets isn’t exactly a priority. The stray dogs around town are a pretty sorry bunch – all skin and bones and mangy brown fur. Your first instinct isn’t to reach out and pet them, but to ask yourself if you remembered to get that rabies vaccination.

On my way to work each day, I pass the compound pictured above: BEWARE OF BAD DOG. I’ve never actually seen or heard any dog there, so I think it’s all bark and no bite (pun intended). But it’s not so much guard dogs you need to be afraid of – in my neighborhood, there are packs of madly barking stray dogs that rove around at night and have been known to chase people.


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